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Dinosaurs - Fascinating Facts And 101 Amazing Pictures About These Prehistoric Animals (kids Educational Guide) (more To Explore - Picture Book For Kids)

Dinosaurs - Fascinating Facts And 1015 Star Rating
Dinosaurs Fascinating Facts And 101
"Dinosaurs - Fascinating Facts And 101 Amazing Pictures About These Prehistoric Animals (kids Educational Guide) (more To Explore - Picture Book For Kids)" Another Great Children's Book Written By Ben Torrent (Writer) / James F. Coleman (Scientific Consultant)

Written by Ben Torrent (Writer) / James F. Coleman (Scientific Consultant) and it was published by Tom eMusic. The child's book went on sale sometime in March of 2013. The book has 128 pages. To see the low price I discovered, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Dinosaurs - Fascinating Facts And 101 is a superb book. dinosaurs fascinating facts amazing pictures prehistoric

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Publisher:Tom eMusic
Author:Ben Torrent (Writer) / James F. Coleman (Scientific Consultant)

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This valuable and beautiful book could be the perform of two animal lovers — James F. Coleman is really a zoologist and the author of many books on prehistoric animals; Arthur Lobus is an illustrator of numerous popular encyclopaedias and books regarding the animal kingdom. The latest discoveries of modern day palaeontology have been carefully featured in this book. It truly is the vital compendium of understanding about dinosaurs. The final element with the book displays three practical study tools: a Q& A section, a glossary of noteworthy words and a particular photo gallery of dinosaurs. First of all, it introduces the reader to Prehistoric times by answering various questions, such as what happened on Earth just prior to the time of dinosaurs, how palaeontologists study these extraordinary animals and their time period, or what may possibly be the history of dinosaur discoveries. First in line are the herbivorous dinosaurs, including giant Stegosaurs, armoured Ceratops, dome-headed and duck-billed Iguanodons, and bird-footed dinosaurs. Starting with all the role of eggs within the reptilian reproduction cycle, the book goes on to describe the wide diversity of the Reptilian Family; non-dinosaur species that also lived on Earth in the very identical era are similarly highlighted. His realistic and actually graphic illustrations not only skilfully bring dinosaurs to life but lend an incredible atmosphere to the times in which these prehistoric animals lived. Finally, the book addresses the dinosaurs themselves. Next, the book describes the life of reptiles. These consist of how dinosaurs should have looked like, how they moved and what their habits were. These are closely followed by the mighty carnivorous dinosaurs — Tyrannosaurs, Spinosaurs, Dromaeosaurids, Oviraptors and early birds. A fantastic advantage of this new volume is its modern and user-friendly presentation which showcases over 190 illustrations and diagrams! This encyclopaedia is intended for young children from age 7 to 10, but has been created to equally fascinate adults.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 128

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