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Dinosaurs (sounds Of The Wild)

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Searching for a very good book? Dinosaurs (sounds Of The Wild) is a great book! The author is Maurice Pledger and the publisher is Silver Dolphin Books. This book was available on bookshelves sometime in 2009. The child's book is 16 pages long. It's dimensions are 1.3" Height x 8.3" Length x 11" Width and it weighs somewhere around 1.4 lbs. Get a copy of this child's book, click on our store link.

Silver Dolphin Books

Model: FBA-|289027
ISBN: 1592238874
Author: Maurice Pledger

The prehistoric forest is alive with noise! Herds of duck-billed dinosaurs are honking and braying at every single other while smaller plant-eating dinosaurs are grunting and rustling inside the bushes. With Pledger's stunning illustrations as well as a detailed guide to the dinosaurs of each period, kids will find this book entertaining too as educational. Sounds inside the Wild: Dinosaurs brings together dramatic, multilayered dinosaur sound effects with incredible pop-up panoramas to give children a sense of life 200 million years ago. Then all of a sudden — ROAR — it's the terrifying sound of a T. Rex! Dinoloving kids can meet each of the incredible animals that once walked the face with all the earth in this incredible new book from best-selling illustrator Maurice Pledger.


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