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Big Book Of Dinosaurs

Big Book Of Dinosaurs
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Your child will love this terrific book. The author is DK Publishing and it was published in October of 1994 by DK CHILDREN. For anyone in the library you can certainly look it up with the Dewey Decimal number, QE862.D5 W553 1994. The child's book has 32 pages and it contains quite a few delightfully colored illustrations. The children's book talks about Dinosaurs.


MPN: 9781564587183
UPS: 790778871857
ISBN: 1564587185
Author: DK Publishing

The Big Book of Dinosaurs is an enticing collection of dinosaurs that is sure to excite any child. The simple text describes interesting features, while questions encourage children to compare various dinosaurs. It is packed with full-color photographs of life-like models plus detailed illustrations.

Everything about The Large Book of Dinosaurs is off the charts--the size of the book itself, the elaborate two-page spreads, the color models, as nicely as the oversized type. Children can experience the amazing powers of these prehistoric beasts--the jagged teeth of the ferocious meat eaters, the slashing claws of the Deinonychus, and the long-necked Barosaurus that could reach five-story-high treetops and might have had eight hearts. (Ages 4 to 7) --Gail Hudson) The lifelike illustrations give young readers a solid sense of what dinosaur fossils and skeletal systems look like as nicely as clear mental pictures of how these creatures appeared in"real-life"millions of years ago. Yet, like the dinosaurs themselves, there is absolutely nothing threatening or intimidating about this highly informative book. The text is brief and succinct, only conveying facts that children find interesting. (There's even an index for quick searches of favorite dinos.


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